The California Garlic and Onion Research Committee was established January 1, 2005 as a state marketing order under the supervision of the California Department of Food and Agriculture. The driving force behind the establishment of the marketing order was a concern by growers, processors and handlers to manage the rapidly spreading threat to Allium production areas by the fungal pathogen white rot (Sclerotium cepivorum). Through mandatory assessments, it is our goal to fund $100,000 annually for basic and applied research as well as for demonstration projects. We highly encourage receiving proposals that allow cost sharing from other sources.

Purpose: Organize onion and garlic growers to develop a white rot management program

  • Conduct long and short term research in white rot management
  • Develop a white rot Master Plan to prevent further spread of the disease
  • Maintain California as a leader in garlic and onion production, processing and distribution
  • Conduct research and survey programs related to disease prevention, pest management, tillage, irrigation and harvesting as determined by the membership


  • Fresh, dehydrated and processed garlic growers, handlers and processors
  • Processed onion growers and processors
  • Seed onion and garlic growers
  • Areas include Southern desert, San Joaquin Valley and Tulelake


  • Mandatory assessments
  • Assessment rate based upon pounds harvested
  • Payment shared equally between producers and handlers

Board of Directors:

  • Consists of 12 members plus alternates and ex-officio members
  • Six (6) members are processors
  • Six (6) members are growers
  • Grower representatives come from all affected areas
  • Chairman of the Board is typically a grower

General Information on the Industry:

California is the largest producing state in the U.S. of garlic and onions. California produces 90%+ of the commercial garlic in the U.S., with adjoining states Nevada and Oregon the major seed garlic producing states. California is the largest producer of processing onions in the U.S. and one of the top fresh market onion producers. Garlic and onions are major vegetable crops in California with each contributing $150 - 300 million farm gate value annually.

For information please contact:
Robert C. Ehn CEO/Technical Manager
California Garlic and Onion Research Committee